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Commercial Appliance Repair

Novation Commercial Services specializes in servicing to the foodservice industry. Cooking equipment is our specialty. Novation got its start in 2001 as a commercial appliance repair company. We offer factory trained technicians, a professional sales staff and service organization second to none. Our professional technicians are CFESA certified and are trained on today’s manufacturer's equipment. Our continued effort to stay up to date with the latest equipment on the market assures you the quality and experienced service our customers have come to expect.

Food Service Industries We Service

Novation® services are available for Restaurants, Corporate Dining Facilities, Food Service Management Companies, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Nursing and Care Facilities, Country Clubs, Super Markets, Government Institutions, Prisons & more.

We perform repairs on a variety of food service equipment including, fryers, steamers, convection ovens, dishwashers, griddles, food warmers, refrigerators and freezers, ice machines, food processors, toasters, plus many more.

Gas Repairs

Thermostat calibration, Pilot adjustment or replacement, Gas leak inspections, Gas pressure tests, Steam boiler de-scaling and change outs, and more.

Electric Repairs

Re-wire equipment, Check wire terminals for oxidation and overheating, Impact for loose connections, and Check amperage draw.

Warewashing Repairs

Inspect for scale build up, Check wash and rinse temperatures, Check water pressures, Inspect for water leaks, Replace pump motors and conveyor drives

Warranty Repairs

We offer Manufacturer's warranty repairs for most makes of equipment.

Stainless Steel

In addition to our excellent repair service, we now offer welding services, stainless steel cutting and polishing as well as installation on most of your food service equipment. This department is committed to the quality installation and repair of your equipment.