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Commercial HVAC

Novation® services include all types of heating, air conditioning, exhaust/make-up systems, and pollution control units regardless of size or location. We service and install package A/C units on your roof and water-source or split systems in your ceiling. We have service trucks on the road with trained and certified technicians specializing in commercial HVAC service so you can depend on us to handle any emergency large or small.

HVAC Planned Maintenance and Service

The Novation® Commercial HVAC Service Program is geared toward serving our customers with repairs and replacement services as needed; however significant efforts go into our planned maintenance program.

Our planned maintenance program ensures a documented performance record of each piece of equipment on your business location. This detail of correct documentation allows our program to not only keep track of all equipment but also preemptively notice potential failures, allowing Novation to work alongside your business to achieve a cost effective solution to ensure that your business will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

All planned maintenance customers receive priority scheduling and significantly reduced rates as well as regular no over-time after hour rates.

  • Experienced and personalized customer service attentive to all your HVAC, Refrigeration, Boiler, Chiller, Kitchen Equipment and Ventilation needs
  • Preventive Maintenance & Service Agreements that provide you with reduced hourly rates as a preferred customer.
  • Quality assurance program.
  • Customers receive high priority response time.