Service Agreements

Novation® Scheduled and Select Maintenance plans focus on maintaining the performance and reliability of your equipment, thereby extending equipment life and transforming repair costs into definable expenses that can be budgeted. By determining your equipments maintenance requirements we will work with you to develop an agreement defining the type, quantity and schedule of maintenance tasks best suited for your operation.


A scheduled HVAC maintenance program is an affordable way to improve indoor air quality and contain repair costs. It is no secret that HVAC systems can create costly repair bills. Additionally, indoor air quality and occupant comfort can deteriorate over time.

Preventive Planned Maintenance Program Benefits

Preventive maintenance for your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system saves you money, improves indoor air quality, maintains comfortable air temperature and helps avoid difficult downtime.

When your HVAC system is operating at peak performance, it is more energy efficient. This is one of our greatest goals with proper preventive HVAC maintenance — energy savings. HVAC systems often make up more than 50% of a building energy costs when operating properly. This number goes up greatly when you neglect your HVAC system.