Factory Trained Technicians

On-Premise Laundry Equipment

Novation Commercial Services provides routine and emergency service for commercial and industrial laundry equipment. We can handle any project size from installation of new and used equipment to repairing all types of commercial and industrial laundry equipment.

Novation provides quality repair service for market leading washing machines. Whatever your industry sector, and whatever your requirements, our factory trained service technicians enables us to get your laundry operation up and running.

Drying Tumblers
We offer scheduled maintenance programs to reduce the risk of breakdowns, minimize energy use and emergency repairs. Proper maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your Commercial dryer. A dryer that is in good working order can optimize your daily operations as well as maintain a safe environment for your customers and employees. Proper maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your commercial washers, dryers and other commercial Laundromat machines. Keeping up with repairs will keep your laundry service running smooth and keep you profitable.

Flatwork Ironers
Flatwork industrial ironers, in 13-, 20- and 32-inch diameter rolls and multiple finishing widths, offer unmatched durability, flexibility and finishing results. Exclusive features enable linen transfer directly from the washer.

Industrial Folders
An economic, compact and productive folder, the FT-LITE quickly and accurately folds, stacks and classifies a variety of flatwork goods according to their dimensions. With superb flexibility, the FT-LITE can be configured to meet the demands of any on-premise laundry.

Industrial Stacker
Adaptable to any ironer on the market, the FL-LITE Flatwork Folder delivers precision folding at processing speeds of up to 164 feet per minute. The FL-LITE can significantly boost the productivity of any laundry—especially when paired with the AP-LITE stacker.